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Phi Phi Island- Paradise for Tourists

If you are an avid traveler and love to spend your vacation in far-off places away from the hustle and bustle of crowded life of a city, you certainly must have heard about the Phi Phi Island. The Thailand's superstar island is chased by moviemakers as well as tourists from all around the world owing to its scenic beauty, landscapes, and most prominently, everything! Yes the Phi Phi Island is considered a tourist paradise for the variety of things it has to offer and there is absolutely something for everyone here. If you are considering it to be an aloof island with some restaurants offering seafood here and there, you are absolutely wrong! Let us have a look of what he Phi Phi Island has in its bounty:

Beaches and Islands:

The Phi Phi Island has ample beaches and islands to offer along the serene coast of Phuket along with picture perfect scenery. There are six islands that form a part of the Phi Phi Island and other are sandy beaches. They are the Bamboo Island, Koh Phi Phi Leh, Laem Tong Beach, Loh Bagao bay, Loh Dalum, Long Beach, Maya Bay, Monkey Bay, Monkey Beach, Pi Leh Bay, Tonsai East, Tonsai Village and Tonai West.


When we are speaking about the beauty of the Phi Phi Islands, we are not restricted to the islands and the beaches alone. There are various other attraction sites too that are worth sightseeing. Maya Bay, one of the most popular tourist attraction sites owing to 'The Beach', a movie exclusively shot there, Phi Phi viewpoint and Pirate Island Adventure House, another immensely popular attraction site that takes a cue from Disneyland and is a spooky place with state-of-the-art features and decorations are must visit places on any tourist's list.


The nightlife of Phi Phi Island is anything, but boring. The pubs and bars are located at convenient locations and one can easily find cab or other modes of ferry from there. The nightlife is entertaining as well as livid and yes you will enjoy them to the fullest!

Shopper's Stop:

With so many tourists finding a paradise in the scenic beauty of the Phi Phi islands, it is one of the most visited places of the world and suddenly everyone has started talking about it. This has not only changed the way of shop, but what is being stored inside too. Previously when the only thing tourists could shop for were ea made products and hip jewelry, now the place is almost bustling with shopping centers' with crows flocking in to spend on the traditional Thai products and clothes.

Travelers' activities:

Once in the Phi Phi Island, you can take a break and let your skin tan in the beaches and islands, take diving lessons and indulge in real life diving in the Maya bay, Palong Bay or the Bida Noi or snorkel just like that. If you have splurged on the local cuisine too much and want to take a break and exercise, the Banyan Fitness Centre with the most modern equipment is the most ideal fitness centre around the whole town. This apart, you add up the Booze Cruise, cliff Jumping, Deaf Gecko Climbing and Doctor Fish on your wish list too. You can even indulge in Authentic Thai cuisine or western food or the whole spade of sea-food available along the beaches and islands.