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A Glimpse At The Koh Lanta Island

Thailand is primarily known among tourists for the bustling capital city of Bangkok and the top island attraction of Phuket. However, there is more to this country than just a handful of attractions and tourist spots. The Krabi province is one of them. In this province, there are a number of scattered islands and regions which qualify as potential tourist attractions. One such attraction is Koh Lanta island which is actually two pretty islands rolled into one. Koh Lanta Noi is the smaller island while Koh Lanta Yai is the bigger island. Here is a look at the attractions of the beautiful Koh Lanta island.

Baan Saladan

Located in the Koh Lanta Yai, Baan Saladan is a perfect marketplace for tourists. There are nice, snug restaurants where one can sample the delectable flavors of the Thai palate. There are markets where people can shop for creatively designed souvenirs to take back home like magnets, postcards and artifacts. Also, this is where people can take ferries and boats that can take them for more adventures to other parts of the Krabi province. Baan Saladan is a perfect getaway for the cultivated tourists and it is truly scenic.

Old Town Village

Are you more interested in exploring cities and towns than in natural sights? If so, try out the Old Town Village. This town has enough evidence of the history of the place. For instance, the Chinese timber mart in the Village is probably 100 years old and a single visit to the mart will help the cultivated tourists get enough knowledge about the place. The Old Town Village is also known for its old eateries, museums, galleries and marketplaces. This is indeed a great place for savoring the origins of the place.

Tham Kao Cave Trip

One of the truly exotic adventures in Koh Lanta island would be to for a trip in the Tham Kao Cave. In this trip, you can boat your way through a small gap in the cave's opening. Once you enter the caves, you can marvel at the beautiful stalactites hanging from the roof. The fact is that you will be floating your way through this gap on the pristine green waters. Also, you can take a dip in a special cavern pool that has been designed here.

Waterfall Walk

The island of Koh Lanta is known for waterfalls that are located in the interior caves and caverns of the island. Here, people can walk around the waterfalls and savor the sights of the water gushing down into the seas. The Waterfall Walk helps you to get the best natural sights from each waterfall spot. This is a really exotic and unconventional trip for those who are enthusiastic tourists. You should go for it and do it with your enthusiasm.

The Klong Dao Beach

This is one of the many pristine beaches located in the entire region. The Klong Dao is a special beach where you can go with your family and kids. Together, with them, you can have fun with games and savoring the sight of waves crashing down on the golden sands of the beach.